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Indian Cuisine Through the Ages

At The Spice Lounge ( ) we provide a huge range of Indian dishes for you to enjoy.  But have you ever wondered why Indian cuisine is so popular?  Maybe it’s because of its long history spanning over 5,000 years; or maybe the many varied ways of preparing food, the dazzling amount of ingredients, vegetables, spices and herbs that make up the vast array of dishes; or maybe it’s the many different ancient civilisations that have influenced its flavours.

The aromatic dishes that are so beloved in the UK reflect a way of life that has been touched by many religious influences and age-old traditions.

Indian cuisine that can be traced back to ancient times

Indian cuisine can be traced back to the different flavours and dishes from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome as well as Asian influences from countries such as Thailand, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.  In more modern times, Indian cuisine has been adapted to suit the tastes of other cultures such as the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Mughals.

As Europe entered the Age of Discovery food which we consider staples now, were first being tested by new countries and the love of Indian cuisine started to spread across continents.

Diverse cultures, geography and tastes

The diversity of India’s geography has also influenced the development of the Indian cuisine.  With wide spanning coastlines, breathtaking mountain ranges with sweeping rivers and huge plains, extreme climatic conditions and varied soil types the richness and depth of Indian food has evolved unlike any other country.  And today this continues to evolve as technology allows greater cultural interaction.

Indian food can also be divided between the North and South with each boasting their own individual specialities and dishes.  Many of the Indian cuisines are driven by beliefs and this is true of the strong leaning towards vegetarian dishes.  The vast choice of vegetarian dishes makes Indian cuisine quite unique in comparison to other genres and provides many exciting recipes for veggie lovers to enjoy.

Indian Cuisine goes Global

In recent times Indian cuisine has become increasingly popular around the globe including the UK, the US, Singapore, the Middle East, Australia and Malaysia to name but a few.  Many Indians in these countries have adapted dishes to appeal to the palates and tastes of these countries and in the UK Indian cuisine is celebrated and enjoyed by many.

At The Spice Lounge ( we take the best of Indian cuisine and create mouth-watering dishes for you to enjoy.  Book your table now on 01925 767777 and discover the best of India.

Published Date: 18th April 2016
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