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Have a Party at The Spice Lounge!

Are you organising a party?  Whether it is a chance to get family and friends together or whether you have been nominated to plan a staff celebration it can seem a daunting task.  However if you plan the event carefully and opt for a venue that offers a fantastic setting you’ll soon find that planning your party can be fun!  At The Spice Lounge ( we offer a great venue for all your celebrations.  Here are our tips for planning the perfect get-together:

Plan for a flawless evening – When looking for a fabulous venue you need to plan early.  The best venues are snapped up quickly particularly if you want a popular evening such as a Friday or Saturday.

Finding the Perfect Setting – These days there are many different styles of venue to choose from and sometimes there is simply too much choice!  To narrow things down consider what your guests will want from a party venue and maybe collect some ideas by sending out an email for suggestions.  Will they want a fabulous menu of food?  Are they looking for an opportunity to network and talk to colleagues?  No matter what your celebration is, at The Spice Lounge we can cater to your needs.  If you need a table for a small family get-together or you’d like to book a large table for a company celebration we can help.

Know Your Budget – Make sure you are clear about how much money you want to spend. Are you treating colleagues to a meal and drinks?   Will you need to allocate some of the budget to transport or even an overnight stay for some guests?

Food, Glorious Food! – The most important ingredients to your evening will be the food and drink.  Avoid allocating most of your budget to drinks – remember that guests will be looking forward to the food particularly if it’s a staff celebration straight after work.  Fabulous food is what The Spice Lounge excels at so you won’t be disappointed!

Ask for Help – No matter what your special requirements our team can help you create the prefect event.  We are experts in organising great celebration meals and can help you every step of the way.

Lastly…Enjoy! – Once all has been arranged and your guests are enjoying their welcome drink, it’s time to relax and have a well-earned drink yourself!

At The Spice Lounge ( we offer a stunning venue with great ambience and fabulous food.  We will ensure your event runs smoothly and is one to remember for all the right reasons. Call today on 01925 767777 to make a booking or get advise on planning your party!

Published Date: 16th June 2016
Category: News

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