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Tips for eating out if you are a Vegan

Indian cuisine is the vegan’s friend.  Indian restaurants are some of the best places to dine with non-vegan friends and family, as well as other vegans of course. Here are a few tips to help your eating out experience be a pleasurable one.

  • Calling or emailing ahead is a great idea if you’re unsure a restaurant has vegan options. Typically, you’ll find that those without anything specifically vegan are happy to accommodate, and will often make something especially for you. Here at the Spice Lounge ( we try to accommodate all our customer’s needs.
  • If you’re out with a group and feel a little self-conscious about querying menu items at the table, simply excuse yourself before ordering (I’m just going to use the bathroom) and have a quiet word with your waiter/waitress we will be happy to help.
  • Although veganism is more widely recognised now than ever before, don’t just assume that all restaurant staff know what it is. Politely explain what you do and don’t eat, and take the time to answer their questions.
  • Work events are often arranged by colleagues, so let them know that you’re happy to talk to the venue directly if it makes things easier. (You’ll also feel more confident if you know that there’ll be something there for you to eat!)
  • Lastly, have fun! Initially going out to eat can feel a little daunting. But, just like anything in life, you’ll find that talking about being vegan soon becomes second nature. You’ll probably find that you have some great conversations because of it. And, more importantly, you’ll eat some really good food!

So why not book a table at The Spice Lounge and try some of our tasty dishes. Call today on 01925 767777.


Published Date: 20th March 2017
Category: News

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