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Delight Your Guests with a Takeaway

If heading out to a restaurant to enjoy the company of friends and family just doesn’t appeal, then why not opt for a night of entertaining at home with a delicious takeaway?  Having guests around to your home need not be stressful for the host and delighting them with great conversation, wonderful hospitality and takeaway food to die for, will make your evening a great success.  At The Spice Lounge ( you can enjoy our gorgeous menu in the comfort of your home using our takeaway service.  Simply call us with your order and we’ll prepare everything with our usual flair so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Here are some more tips for ensuring that entertaining at home is a roaring success:

Guests are notorious for turning up early!  To ensure you aren’t caught out by an over-enthusiastic guest create a smooth entry into the living room and set up a small table with nibbles and a selection of drinks such as chilled wine, spirits and mixers.  Lay out the table with other essentials including ice, glasses, a bottle opener and garnishes.  This way if you are still getting ready, your guest will be happy helping themselves to a welcome drink.

Guests love to be where the host is.  So ensure the kitchen area is set up to accommodate your guests.  If you have a kitchen-diner you can set up the table so guests can linger at the table without disrupting you as you lay out your delicious takeaway from The Spice Lounge.

When it comes to ordering your takeaway ensure you order generously rather than having to rummage around for extra supplies if your guests prove to have a hearty appetite.  You can always re-use leftovers the next day.  The same applies to drinks.  Stock up on everything you will need and don’t forget non-drinkers.

If you’re having a gathering it’s a lovely gesture to invite your neighbours.  It’ll ensure you receive no complaints about noise and it will forge new friendships!

If you are planning your evening at the weekend or in the holidays, ensure you order your takeaway early.  In the party season or over the summer break guests will arrive ready to indulge so ensure you have your food ready early.

Once the food is all laid out, sit back and enjoy the conversation and laughter!  You deserve it!

At The Spice Lounge ( you can choose from a wide range of starters and main courses for your takeaway.  For gorgeous food to create a truly memorable evening, contact us today on 01925 767777.


Published Date: 21st September 2016
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