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Four Misconceptions About Indian Cuisine

If you ask someone to describe Indian cuisine, they are likely to reply with words such as spicy, hot or curry.  However these descriptions are very limiting and are unable to do this expansive genre of food justice.  India includes a wide range of regional varieties and many of the dishes and style of cooking have developed over many thousands of years.

Indian cuisine is all about the fine blending of herbs, spices and other ingredients making it almost an art to create some of the most mouth-watering dishes around.  At The Spice Lounge our chefs are expert at bringing you the best of this aromatic and tasty food.

There are many misconceptions about Indian cuisine.  Here are the top 4 myths about Indian cuisine:

All Indian dishes are spicy – most Indian food includes an array of spices but not all of them have ingredients which create heat.  It is only those dishes that call for the hot spices or chillies that pack a spicy punch.  However if you want to reduce the heat our chefs are happy to omit them to suit your tastes.  Some dishes are very simple including only one or two spices – if you are unsure, ask one of our team.

Indian food is unhealthy – although some curry dishes do have a high fat content, many Indian dishes offer a well-balanced and tasty, nutritional meal.  Indian cuisine is crammed full of vibrant vegetables and spices which offer great health benefits whilst providing a rich, flavoursome dish.  Ingredients such as garlic, ginger and turmeric are all well-known for their positive impact on our health.

Indian cuisine is difficult to cook – at The Spice Lounge we like to bring you a mix of dishes.  Some take effort and extra time in the kitchen to create the deep flavours that our guests love whilst others are quick and easy to make ensuring we can deliver a freshly cooked meal to your table.

Indian food is all about ‘curry’ – if you are new to Indian cuisine, then you may think that Indian dishes are all curries.  However this is not the case.  The term curry relates to the basic spices and ingredients in garam masala.  However there is a wealth of other dishes using unique blends of spices to choose from.

Indian food has a great diversity created by the different regional influences and provinces in India where cooking styles vary dramatically.  The most popular tends to be Northern Indian food where meats are cooked in a tandoor and cream is added to many sauces.  However there are many different variations to try, no matter what your tastes.

If you are looking for a restaurant that can treat you to the very best of Indian cuisine then visit us at The Spice Lounge.


Published Date: 10th May 2016
Category: News

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